Message From President

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Dear Future professionals. IPCAS is committed to the leaming in an increasingly competitive global process whereby promises are market place,it is becoming important to transformed into reality.A platform is have intemational standard qualifcations provided for aspirants to fulfil their dreams and experience.We recognize the keeping in mind a vision that instills a spirit potential of students and contributions ofprofessionalism and success they can make in the global workplace and To be successful in a changing global it is our endeavor to make high quality relevant education available to the large economy.managers must view the total Indian studentbase. enterprise and understand the forces IPCAS aims to provide an education shaping the firm's direction,policies and system that looks beyond employment and concentrates on foundation for life- goals and at the same time exercise time of professional as well as personal personal leadership in managing development. employees.IPCAS applies basic social Across our programs,we pride ourselves in our unique teaching methods and science disciplines and research methods learning environment which gives to our to these management and leadership students practical knowledge skil and problems in the public and private sectors. attitudes as well as work ethics tum.make them highly sought in the We understand that choosing an corporate. institution is an important decision for career and thus for life.This is a general information which will help to provide a snap-shot of the institution and guidance you to make that choice easier. We hope that you will plan to meet us personally in our campus and we look forward to welcoming aspiring students with a'spark'of zeal,ambition and a desire to excel..

  • Puneet Gupta
  • President