Advance Diploma In Banking & Wealth Management

There will be a growing demand for qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector in the coming years on account of expansion of volume of business and large scale retirement of personnel. Banking and finance industry will require professionally qualified manpower endowed with banking and finance knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity, customer orientation and hands-on application skills who can be assigned to various desks/ jobs with minimal training intervention at the bank level. In view of the huge current as well as potential demand for the professionally qualified manpower for the banking and finance sector, and to ensure a steady stream of industry-ready professionals at the entry-level, IPCAS has designed this course as professional qualification who aspire for a career in banking and finance.

This course includes turnkey solution for recruitment and promotion in banks and Financial Institutions. The pedagogy includes course materials, mock test with answer keys and rationales , practice tests, activation cards class and home exercises, power point presentations and what not. The course has been designed for graduates/ undergraduate students for any discipline / stream, it has a duration of 6 months based on part time classes.

Advanced diploma in Banking and Wealth Management

The advanced diploma prepares a student for core competence in providing the best financial plan to the customers in financial services sector .

Education delivery by specialists the course is so designed that a student will also be prepared for appearing in the examinations of CFP certification and for career in Nationalized and private banks .

Students who pass the internal examinations will be awarded as Advanced Diploma in Banking and Wealth Management.

The course will give knowledge inputs to the candidates and expose them to the operational processes and modern banking and financial environment environment so that they can man the counters at the banks, NBFCs, Asset management companies etc. from the first day of their joining. It is expected that successful candidates of Advance Diploma in Banking & Wealth Management would have a competitive edge and will be absorbed by banks and financial institutions and Advance Diploma in Banking & Wealth Management would emerge as a preferred professional qualification with graduation for employment in banking and finance industry.


  • Advance Diploma in Banking & Wealth Management will impart banking and financial planning knowledge and skills together with technology-familiarity and customer-orientation
  • High quality academic rigor and specially prepared courseware.
  • Candidates undertaking the course will have comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge in the subject of banking and Wealth Management. The Diploma offers practical insights into the subjects while, at the same time, emphasizes robust theoretical foundation.
  • The course will make the candidates job ready.
  • The course is so designed that most employers would value it for talent scouting.
  • The course is cost effective and at the same time high in quality. At an additional fee, candidates can seek educational support in the form of e-learning/ virtual classes/ contact classes.
  • The certification is backed by a system of high professional standards of the Institute.

Educational Support

  • Specially developed courseware.
  • e-learning support/ Class room learning


Candidates must have passed the 12th standard examination in any discipline or its equivalent .

Course Fees:-

  • Rs. 95000/-

Passing Criteria

  • Minimum marks for pass in the subject is 50 out of 100.


  • 18 Months

Scope of successful candidates on completing the program for employment

IPCAS will host on its website details of all the successful candidates and make it available to Banks/ Institutions which include State Bank of India, Public Sector Banks, Private Sector Banks, Foreign Banks, Co-operative Banks and IT/ BPO companies providing services to banking industry, Non Banking Financial companies, Asset Management companies, Insurance companies etc. for considering them for employment.